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We are proud to announce that our Southeast Indiana Community of Character is hosting a quarterly seminar series on character. Tickets are available to each event for $25, or you have the option to purchase the entire series for a discounted rate! Click on each seminar to see its description and to be taken to the ticketing page to purchase tickets.

June 7, 2019: Building Teamwork, a Strata Leadership Seminar

Could your organization benefit by having better teamwork? Are you looking for ways to create a more positive and engaging culture? Do you want to strengthen workplace relationships, improve communication, and foster creativity?

Learn How To…

  • Identify what causes a lack of teamwork
  • Recognize traits of positive and resilient organizations
  • Evaluate the level of teamwork in your organization
  • Reinforce positive values that promote unity and cooperation
  • Develop a trusting team with clear goals, guidelines, expectations, and encouragement

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August 28, 2019: Time Management, a Strata Leadership Seminar

How would you rate yourself in the area of time management? Could your team members benefit from training in this area? Do you want more control over your life and schedule instead of feeling pulled in every direction? Remember, once time is spent you can never get it back.

Learn How To…

  • View “Time Management” as part of “Life Management”
  • Balance your personal and professional goals
  • Evaluate how you currently spend time
  • Avoid common time management mistakes
  • Use various tools for managing tasks, appointments, deadlines, and requests more efficiently

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December 6, 2019: Setting & Reaching Goals, a Strata Leadership Seminar

Setting goals is one thing…developing a strategy, getting everyone on board, and reaching those goals takes a lot more thought and effort. This training program will help you walk through the process of determining what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there.

Learn How To…

  • Identify “big picture” goals and specific steps you can take to reach them
  • Communicate your expectations so you lead your team
  • Design a working plan to implement your goals and the goals of your organization
  • Implement goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely

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Discounted rate of $65 for all three remaining seminars in this series.

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