Alertness can strengthen:

  • Cautiousness by noticing the dangers around you, so you can avoid them.
  • Compassion by noticing the needs of others, so you can serve them.
  • Cooperation by noticing the situations that require teamwork, so you can work effectively with others.
  • Courage by making you aware of dangers, so you can overcome them.
  • Dependability by being aware of those things that can get in the way, so you are able to keep your promises
  • Determination by being focused on the goals you want to achieve, so you work for them.
  • Diligence by being aware of the correct things to focus on, so you are not distracted.
  • Endurance by being aware of different ways to withstand stress, so you can do your best.
  • Flexibility by looking for alternate ways to achieve something, so you can be more successful.
  • Forgiveness by being sensitive to the ways you have offended others, so you can improve your relationships.
  • Generosity by being on the lookout for the needs of others, so you can offer help.
  • Gratefulness by being aware of how others have given to you so that you can express gratitude.
  • Honesty by being careful in situations that can be tempting to use a little white lie, so that you can prevent it.
  • Humility by noticing how others have contributed to your success, so you can be appreciative.
  • Initiative by staying aware of what needs to be done, so you can do it.
  • Orderliness by making it easier to spot things, so that they can get your attention more readily.
  • Patience by coping with a delay when you notice something that needs doing now, so you can have the right attitude if it delays something else.
  • Positivity by being aware of the situations that cause negativity, so you can avoid or overcome them.
  • Punctuality by deciding the right time to respond so that you can so, you can react appropriately to something that you noticed.
  • Resilience by being aware of options and opportunities so, you can assist your recovery.
  • Respect by being aware of how others are perceiving your actions, so, you know if you need to make a change.
  • Responsibility by being aware of what is expected of you so, you can do it.
  • Sincerity by noticing things based on transparent, objective motives, so you can avoid being motivated by hidden agendas.
  • Thoroughness by paying attention to details, so you will not miss those that are important.
  • Tolerance by being aware of when others have a different perspective, so you can be respectful of it.

Alertness is strengthened by using:

  • Decisiveness by deciding what to do with what you noticed in a timely way so that being alert leads to the proper action.
  • Dependability by staying alert even when it is difficult, so you do not miss anything.
  • Discipline by creating good habits on being Alert so you are consistent.
  • Loyalty by identifying for who or what you are being Alert such as for yourself, your family, your community, or organization, so you know where to focus your attention.
  • Positivity by being Alert for good things as well as bad things, so you are not always looking for the negative.
  • Wisdom by assessing the importance of what you are noticing so that you have the right response.

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