(vs. Disrespect)

Respecting others because of their worth as human beings

To practice Honor I will:

When you hear the word honor you think of medals or tributes to heroes or others receiving recognition or awards for doing something great. Our definition of honor takes it off of the stage and out of the award and puts it directly into our hands everyday. It is not only about honoring those who have achieved something significant but honoring everyone and everything at all times. It is just that simple. Honor is two–way as it also requires us to act in a way that deserves the honor others offer us. Acting with honor and integrity is the foundation for building good character. The key to honor is consistency. We can act with honor in how we treat ourselves, how we treat others, how we treat possessions and the environment. We must be vigilant in letting honor lead the way.

This month, practice honor with everyone you meet.


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