Character Quality of the Month

December 2018  –  Trustworthiness

vs. unreliability

Gaining the confidence of others by demonstrating reliability

To practice Trustworthiness I will:

  • follow through with my commitments
  • complete all tasks to the best of my ability
  • keep confidences
  • tell the truth
  • anticipate the concerns of others

If you look at the “I wills” for being trustworthy, you are looking at the definition of what would make a good friend.  It’s about following through on promises, honoring secrets, telling the truth and being your best and proactive.  These are the activities that bond two people or a group together. Creating a community where trustworthiness is valued can deepen the relationships around us and help us all to grow into our best selves, where we feel supported by those around us.

This month focus on your trustworthiness to build up your relationships.

“What we learn only through the ears makes less impression upon our minds than what is presented to the trustworthy eye.” – Horace

“We trust strangers not because they are always trustworthy but because we want to believe in a world where they are.” – David Amerland




Upcoming Character Qualities:

January – Diligence
February – Attentiveness
March – Patience
April – Forgiveness
May – Sincerity
June – Endurance

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