Character Quality of the Month

February 2019 – Attentiveness

vs. distraction

Concentrating on the person or task before me

To practice Attentiveness I will:

  • make eye contact
  • ask questions when I do not understand
  • set the intention to listen
  • not make it about me
  • tune out distractions


Too often the year begins with a mad dash to accomplish and achieve a list of goals before we take the time to evaluate what we really need. Attentiveness is the counter balance to this hurried pace. To be aware and alert, we must turn down the noise, both externally and internally, so we can concentrate on what is directly before us. Take for example, visiting a new location and searching for the street address. Do you turn down the music while also slowing down to look at the passing street names and numbers? If we are distracted, we are likely to miss a turn or pass our destination.

This month, take the opportunity to remove some noise and become more aware of the environment around you, both inside and out.

Brianna Morehead


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April – Forgiveness
May – Sincerity
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October – Initiative
November – Gratefulness
December – Generosity

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