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 RESOURCEFULNESS - A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Contributed from Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations


This story is told by the captain of a ship on which George Mueller of Bristol was traveling. During his life he received more than 1,000,000 pounds from the Lord, without advertising—every penny came as an answer to prayer.

“We had George Mueller of Bristol on board,” said the captain. “I had been on the bridge for twenty-four hours and never left it and George Mueller came to me and said, ‘Captain, I have come to tell you I must be in Quebec on Saturday afternoon.’ ‘It is impossible,’ I said. ‘Then very well, if your ship cannot take me, God will find some other way. I have never broken an engagement in fifty-seven years; let us go down into the chart room and pray.’

“I looked at that man of God and thought to myself, ‘What lunatic asylum can that man have come from, for I never heard of such a thing as this?’ ‘Mr. Mueller,’ I said, ‘do you know how dense this fog is?’

“ ‘No,’ he replied, ‘my eye is not on the density of the fog, but on the living God who controls every circumstance of my life.’ He knelt down and he prayed one of the most simple prayers. When he had finished I was going to pray, but he put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to pray. ‘As you do not believe He will answer, and as I believe He has, there is no need whatever for you to pray about it.’

“I looked at him and George Mueller said, ‘Captain, I have known my Lord for fifty-seven years and there has never been a single day when I have failed to get an audience with the King. Get up, Captain, and open the door and you will find the fog has gone.’

“I got up and the fog indeed was gone, and on that Saturday afternoon George Mueller kept his promised engagement.”

—Sunday School Times

[Reproduced with permission from Encylopedia of 15,000 Illustrations, by Paul Lee Tan, Communications, Inc., Dallas, TX, 1998, #3357]

[Editor's note: George Mueller (1805 -1898) was a missionary to England who set out to demonstrate that God hears and answers prayers. Three weeks after his marriage he and his wife decided to depend on God alone to supply their needs - never again to approach people about them - a decision he maintained for the rest of his 68 years. No matter how pressing the need, George simply renewed his prayers, and either food or money always came - for the total need of some 2,000 orphans housed in five (paid for) buildings, assistance for nearly 200 missionaries, support of about 100 schools with 9,000 students, and publication and distribution of about 4 million tracts and tens of thousands of Bibles. George said he knew of some 50,000 specific answers to prayer... requests to God alone. These answers included some seven and a half million dollars believed to be more than any other person had obtained from God.]


This material is published by the Faith Committee of the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Reproduction and Adaptation is encouraged.