The Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is devoted to promoting good character in order to improve the lives of our residents and enrich the spirit of our community. Our mission -- to foster character development in children and adults as a foundation for success.

Character Quality of the Month

Realizing that everyone is at varying levels of character development
I will...

  • not confuse what is right with what is popular
  • expect the same of myself as I expect of others
  • look for ways to help others mature
  • accept my own unchangeables and the unchangeables of others
  • listen before I form an opinion

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News and Notes

Date Details
March 15, 2017 Save the date for our Heroes of Character celebration in partnership with the Hamilton "City of Character" Coalition where we will honor five students and five adult leaders from the Tri-State area for their consistent and outstanding demonstration of character.

To attend any of our events, please RSVP to Mary Andres Russell